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  • SMC Students Serve the Bay Area!

    It's not just Saint Mary's College's undergraduate students who serve the Bay Area!  Faculty, staff, alumni, and...

  • New SMC Students are Getting Connected for Service!

    As new students and parents are going through full days of Saint Mary's College Orientation this summer, they are...

  • SMC Students Rock!

    Over 44 Saint Mary's students joined "Get Connected" during the second week of February 2014.  Their names were...

  • Welcome Community Partners!

    A HUGE thank you goes out to all of the Community Partners (non-profit agencies and schools) that have already...

  • The Newest and Best Way to Make an Impact

    Get Connected is an easy-to-use web-based platform that matches the right donors, advocates, and volunteers with the right opportunities in our neighborhoods. Use Get Connected to find ways to give your unused materials and items to agencies in need of donations, advocate for causes that require your passionate voice, and volunteer your time in ways that make a real difference.

About Get Connected

Welcome to the Saint Mary's College of California site that will help students, community partners, non-profits, faculty, staff and alumni connect to service and community engagement opportunities.  This site is for YOU!  Please register with the site and create your profile.  This will be an amazing tool for us all to connect with each other!

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