Get Connected for Service Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action (CILSA) St. Mary's College of California


Tasked by the Senate and Provost’s Office

Saint Mary’s College recognizes and values the various ways that students, faculty, staff, and alumni can address social issues and promote social justice. These may include, but are not limited to: co-curricular service projects; seminars and conferences; speaker’s events; student leadership development programs with social justice emphases; other educational, cultural, or diversity events; programs for social justice sponsored by athletics, student clubs and other on-campus organizations; and collaborative events with on-campus and off-campus partners that promote social justice.

A major task of CILSA is to provide a comprehensive report of the various co-curricular and curricular activities across campus designed to promote social justice. The data gathered from this activity report are used for important documentation for accreditation and program review, grant applications, and prestigious recognition awards such as the President’s Honor Roll for Community Engagement.

Undergraduate Deadlines:

  • Fall Term by Dec 1st
  • Jan Term by Feb 1st
  • Spring Term by May 1st

Graduate School Deadlines:

  • Last Day of Academic Terms

Submit this completed report either electronically or hard copy to : 1) Wendy Urteaga, CILSA Administrative Coordinator, at, (925) 631-8161, OR 2) CILSA 2nd Floor Ferroggiaro Hall, Suite 203.

Thank you!

Lead Dept./Program
Academic Year
Other Involved SMC Depts./Programs (if any)
Title of Activity/Event
Name and Title of Event Facilitator
Today's Date
Community Partner(s) (if any)
DIRECT SERVICE to on-campus and/or off campus Community Partners
INDIRECT SERVICE (e.g. – research, web development, etc.)
SOCIAL JUSTICE EDUCATION to students on-campus
CE (Community Engagement) Designated Course
CG (Common Good) Designated Course
Other Core Designation